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May 23, 2009


This is Toby. Dog, model, nephew, and friend. There’s just nothing like having a dog around. Who else is always happy to see you and doesn’t mind drinking out of the same cup? When you need someone to walk with, explore with, cry with-Toby is there.



Sun spots

May 21, 2009


My friends are so good to me. While attending Gabe Gibitz‘s, my brother-in-law, CD release party I ran into my friend Jen. I happened to have my camera with me (it’s actually always with me) and wanted to have some fun. The strong, golden light of late evening was too tempting! We walked up the hill on main street and I shot a few images of her. She was doing her best impression of Wilmore‘s Next Top Model. Stares and honks alike came from passersby but we got some beautiful photographs.



Matt, Brooke, and Drew

May 11, 2009

Matt and Brooke wanted some fun family photographs taken with their adorable son, Drew. They are originally from Texas and living in Wilmore while Matt finishes his Master’s Work at Asbury Theological Seminary. Since they are only in the Bluegrass a couple years, I thought they might love to have something very “Kentucky” in their photographs. In my mind, nothing says “Central Kentucky” better than Shakertown. With rolling green hills, horse and rock fences, and historic buildings it was perfect! There were also many farm animals for Drew to discover.