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Wedding: Vanessa & Bryan, Part 2

January 30, 2010

After the ceremony, and since we had taken all of the photographs already, it was off to the reception at the Four Points Sheraton. That meant back to the sweet ride in the Hummer limo! I’m not sure which was more exciting to me: all the colorful changing lights and the fact it was a limo or that I got to sit down for 20 minutes straight! It’s not often during a wedding day I sit down much. I don’t want to miss a minute of the action with my camera. There is nothing too unimportant to capture.

Going to a party in a limo!!!

Once at the Sheraton, we all found the reception hall not quite prepared for the guests. It was a great opportunity to take some creative shots. I had come to the Sheraton prior to the wedding so I knew exactly what I wanted. I also had been studying the master cinematographers like Orson Welles and had been chomping at the bit to try his moody lighting. I love the Italian painter Caravaggio and try to make his style come to life in my photos.

the only two people in the world

Once the reception started it was non-stop fun and action catalyst by John Tobias from Ace Entertainment. A great celebration for a great couple!

cake by Martine’s

party time!

Bryan was cuttin' a rug too!

Even the DJ was on the dance floor getting the guests to party! Do you have your tie on your head yet?


Welcome to Horse Country

January 28, 2010

In the Kentucky countryside, you never know whose going to come to the fence to wish you a good morning. Here’s one of the friendly Tennessee Walkers that live in the pasture next door. For an apple and a kiss on the nose, he’ll be your best friend. Welcome to horse country!

From NashVegas, With Love

January 26, 2010

Nashville, Music City, USA: the place where music dreams are made, dreams are broken. It’s the place where mine were unfortunately the latter of the two. My dream wasn’t to be a music superstar but to be someone great, greater than I thought I was. Ten years ago I started college in Nashville to study music. I soon found that on the quest to be the best, music had consumed my life. So much so I really wasn’t living anymore. Suffocating, dying, stretched too thin-I had to give up my music.

Somewhere along the line I lost myself, my true art self. I had quit creating visual art-too dangerous. With music, I could read the notes on the page well and it could be exactly what people wanted to hear. It made sense, fit exactly into a harmony or part. It’s like safe, instant gratification. With art, there’s not really a formula-no perfect place or mold to create something. It’s all subject to someone else’s ideals or opinions. Scary stuff. I ignored the road less traveled far too long. I found myself in a place where the 2/3’s rule is more important than the golden rule. I became an artist again.

Anyway, I spent a long absence away from Nashville and all it meant. I went back last weekend for the first time in 7 years to shoot an engagement session. It is STILL a great place. I forgot how artsy and music-filled it is! It was a perfect Saturday night that we walked the strip. An unseasonably warm January night in the 50’s saw every bar with its doors wide open, bands roaring from inside. Street musicians littered the sidewalks. Folks were all laughter and smiles. It was 10:30 and the part was just getting started. Yes, Nashville is a great city!

a pano of Nashville along the Cumberland

Twinkling city at night

western gear for sale

street musician

I found some cool text on 2nd

when in in Rome...

I’ll be going back soon. Don’t worry. I’ll send you a postcard from Nashville, with love.

Vanessa and Bryan: December Wedding, part 1

January 21, 2010

Vanessa and Bryan: great couple, best friends. This Dec. 19 wedding day celebration had been long awaited indeed. After being engaged for more than a year, these two were more than ready to start the rest of their lives together. Christmas time is a beautiful time to get married. There are rich colors and sparkles everywhere!

Vanessa was so relaxed and jovial as she was surrounded with lots of family from near and far away El Paso, TX. Being relaxed on your wedding day makes it sooooo much better. Bryan was all smiles too but he was just a tad bit nervous. The butterflies got he best of him and he found himself throwing up in the bathroom before they met at the alter. Poor Bryan. After that it was smooth sailing!

They both got ready at separate ends of the Four Points Sheraton, where the reception would later be held that evening. The bridal was was packed with 10 bridesmaids, several grandmothers, mother of the bride, a couple flower girls, myself and one of my assistant photographers, Kim Dalton. Needless to say, it was quite the room full of laughter as Vanessa got laced into her gown! Corsets-gorgeous but not a woman’s idea! The best part was Vanessa trying to put on her hose AFTER she got into her dress:) Not being able to bend from the corset-style dress, she had to rely on her maids for support! Note to self when getting married: hose before dress.

The party and family were whisked away to Macedonia Christian Church in limos and hummer limos in three shifts, starting with the men. Vanessa and Bryan chose to have a private meeting time before the ceremony to allow more time for photographs. We took some great creative shots around the church and even got to step out onto the front steps where snow covered the ground! Then it was back in side for a marathon run of 1.5 of formal portraits with family. In between shots I had switched lenses and set one down on a pew next to me. The ring 4-year-old bearer found it, picked it up and started licking it like a lolly pop! They were quite a crew!

Always put the hose on before the dress. Always.:)

Bill Morgan, my second shooter, caught this one of Bryan meeting Vanessa.

More to come…

A Day at The Hub in Danville

January 19, 2010

Last week I drove to Danville to take photographs of the wonderful patrons of The Hub coffee house. It’s a great shop downtown with an atmosphere that reminds me of my favorite coffee joint in Nashville, Fido. The photographs I captured will soon be hanging on the walls in the shop to immortalize those souls who frequent there. I am also doing this for Common Grounds in Lexington and Main& Maple in Nicholasville. Jim Davis, owns all three and strives hard to make them fabulous places.

My drive there from Versailles was gorgeous. The rolling hills and palisades that surround the river are awe-inspiring indeed. It’s hard not to get distracted by the beautiful countryside and drive off the road-which I successfully didn’t! I can’t help but appreciate the best and grandest things God has made. Anyway…

I had a great time meeting folks and discovering that Danville is full of people from all over the country! Brooklyn, Atlanta, Louisiana-all right in little old Danville, Kentucky. What surprised me most was Shawn from Brooklyn who said he really actually loved Danville-loved the pace. I would have thought someone from a big, fast-moving city would hate a small, laid back town. My guess is he’d never been able to really slow down enough to breathe, to really see himself and his life. Maybe; I don’t know.

Keep frequenting theses coffee houses. You never know when I’ll be there:)

I’ll see ya at the coffee house. I’ll have a regular brew, room for cream; no sugar.

Sarah and Wade

January 7, 2010

December 5, 2009

Sarah and Wade were married in the Queen City on a frosty December day. The sun was setting as Sarah was getting ready for their 6:30 wedding at the Cincinnati Vineyard Church. I got the privilege of having another professional photographer, Bill Morgan from KivaPix, shoot as my second photographer. He has taught me so much about photography.  It was a little intimidating:)

I asked Sarah to write some words on how she and Wade met. This is her story:

“Wade and I met on facebook—I normally don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t know, but for some reason I did this time.  Oct 07 we talked on facebook, he had friend requested me because I had The Ragamuffin Gospel on my list of favorite books, apparently I was the only one at University of Cincinnati that popped up who had that book listed…so we met at Starbucks one day and I knew after 5 minutes I was going to marry him…
Wade proposed to me at a park, there was no one else around and we were sitting on a bench.  Previously, we met at the mall—he was late because he told me he had a flat tire but really he was asking my dad for permission to marry me.  The day before he proposed I gave him a letter that I wrote to my future husband while I was on a mission trip in Peru in 2006. He matched up the date of my letter with a journal entry he wrote on that same day—most of the notebook was full of baseball stats and scores and little things like that, but on that same day he wrote very specific things that coincided with the letter I wrote.  After he read me his journal entry he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.
So that’s our story ”

December weddings have great decorations

Diving in

It's nice to have your bridesmaids for moral support

Fluffing-VERY important:) A wedding gown tradition

While the ladies were getting ready, the men had other things on their mind

The ceremony was beautiful. However, the adorabe flower girl had other things on her mind.

Some nice old style movie lighting from a video light Bill brought. I love moody light!

A quick stop at Tri-County Mall's Starbucks. A short tribute to where their romance began.

The first dance

Stealing a sweet kiss as though they were the only two people in the world...:)

Congratulations Wade and Sarah!