Off the Beaten Path: Exploring Kentucky’s Capitol

If it’s eccentric, little known, unusual, out-of-the way: I crave it. Frankfort is kinda like that. It’s Kentucky’s little known capitol. It’s true! I hear talk of Louisville and Lexington all the time but not the city that holds the government offices of the state. It’s along the old state highways, that’s why. Most folks take the interstate to get somewhere fast. America was built on those highways. It’s the highways that you go slow for, take in the atmosphere of a place.

Frankfort is a town full of character with it’s many bridges and colorful buildings. The winding Kentucky River slowly meanders through downtown, gently kissing the bends and valley floors. There is so much history here; so many stories. You’ll have to come and get a smooth cup of coffee at the Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe, sit outside and watch the train pass through. Maybe you’ll be able to envision the streets bustling with people on a warm, summer evening long ago.

Kentucky Capitol Building


A Tuip Tree in the Afternoon Shower

The Grand Theater

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