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Jeanette and Thomas: Nashville Wedding Photography

May 27, 2010

I couldn’t have been more honored to photograph my friend’s wedding. Jeanette and I met in college, lost touch and re-connected through Facebook. The love of her life, Thomas, has to be one of the nicest men I have met. They are PERFECT for each other. Their ceremony was the most emotion-packed I have ever experienced. I can’t wait to hear about the wonderful adventures you both take together.

Building blocks of marriage??

During the formals, I noticed Thomas’ dad had a gun he was carrying. We decided to have some fun with it.

A gorgeous bride

Oh Bliss!

Too bad he's off the market...;)

Congratulations Jeanette and Thomas! You will both always be very special to me:) Happy Wedding Day!!!


Never a Dull Moment

May 23, 2010

At your wedding, I’m always “on.” My creativity is on overdrive and never do I stop looking for a moment I can snap an awesome image. I found a particularly beautiful blue ornament hanging from the tent at Kimberly and Andrew’s wedding. I couldn’t resist. Self-portraits are a favorite of mine. So, what was I to do with this shiny, reflective surface? That’s right! Make strange faces and take fun images!

A fun self-portrait

Ginger & Keith: Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

May 14, 2010

I met Ginger through my younger sister who happened to be a classmate of hers at Asbury Theological Seminary. Ginger is sooo sweet and her smile is simply contagious. It’s no wonder Keith finds her irresistible! But then again he’s such a really nice, down-to-earth guy. When I met them at Main & Maple Coffee House (one of my favorites!) I knew it was meant to be. Ginger told me she practically stalked my website…lol. Keith and Ginger both have a cool, creative artistic flair that meshes perfectly with the photographs I produce. Of course all three of us began looking forward to the images that will come out of our time together. I loved taking your engagement session, can’t wait for the next and REALLY cant wait until your wedding celebration in August! Here are Ginger’s words on how they met and how Keith proposed:

How we met:

There we’re a lot of tiny “puzzle pieces” that interlocked that brought us together. I grew up in Maryland and moved to to Illinois then went to Univ of Connecticut for college, finally to end up in Kentucky where I am studying at Asbury Theological Seminary to get my masters in counseling. Then there’s Keith, and how through a series of friends he ended up meeting me at a game night, at the suggestion of Keith’s friend Rebecca. She hadn’t known me for too long before she told Keith he should meet me, and turns out, she was dead on I guess! I, however, had no idea that I had been brought there for a set up that night. I just went to play games and meet some new people as I was still moderately new to the area.
After that night, Keith and & began spending time together with groups of friends for about two months before we decided we wanted to date each other. From then on, we have just seemed to draw closer and closer every day we are together. It has been an exciting, and occasionally bumpy ride, but I wouldn’t trade the time we’ve shared together over the last year and a half for anything in the world. We can’t wait to be married to each other, because we know God was the orchestrator of our meeting. We were truly created for each other, and on August 29, our dreams will finally come true!!!

How he proposed:

It’s my favorite when Keith tells it, but here goes….
Keith had asked me to “clear my schedule” for February 26th, 2010. He started my day early by leaving a set of 6 envelopes on my car’s windshield before he went to work at 7:30 a.m. (which, of course I found them that early!!) Each envelope had a number on the front showing me in what order they should be opened.
The first letter explained that I would be going on a scavenger hunt, and he told me that he was looking forward to seeing me at the end of the day. The second envelope had our two tickets to see my absolute favorite country band, Lady Antebellum, in concert. He appropriately reminded me to put the tickets in my purse. (He knows me too well!)
The third envelope had an address where he said I would find a “sweet treat”. The note event old me not to google the address to find out where I was going before I got there… and of course I didn’t, because I LOVE surprises! The address led me to Old Fashioned Kentucky Chocolates. He had called ahead and bought a large box of bourbon truffles for me, with Kentucky pride!
The fourth envelope had another address inside, which I plugged into my GPS. The note said there I would find “love blooming all around me”…. I knew that one, FLOWERS!!!! Not just any flowers, a fantastic arrangement that he later told me he chose because they were nicknamed, “Forever and Always”!!! Now that’s a thoughtful guy. The next envelope had a gift certificate to Starbucks in it, knowing that Starbucks is my favorite “splurge” for myself. He told me “I had worked hard, and I should reward myself”… as if he hadn’t already been showering me with unexpected surprises!
The following envelope was ironically my favorite. I say ironically, because it was the one envelope that didn’t cost a cent….. He told me to go home, put my feet up on the couch, and open my Bible to Song of Solomon chapters 1 & 2. My church had done a fantastic sermon series on the Song of Solomon at the time when we were considering dating each other. I was also able to go home and play with Barnabas, my new puppy, while I had a few hours before getting ready for the concert.
The final envelope had extensive directions for how to find a particular bridge inside Veterans Park he had remembered that I loved. The coolest part was, I didn’t even remember mentioning to him how cute I thought the bridge was…. after all, we had only gone once last summer. But he sure remembered. When I arrived, there he was, cowboy boots and all, on that little bridge on that frigid February day…. before I even got to him, he was pulling a bright white box from his jacket pocket!!!! He got down on one knee and my eyes had already filled with tears of joy!!! Though I can’t remember exactly what he said, I remember that he said something along the lines of “Ginger Owens, I’ll never forget the way you made me feel the first time you told me you loved me, and you have continued to make me feel that way every day we have been together…. I want that to continue forever. Will you marry me?” OF COURSE I SAID YES. The best part was, I found out that he bought the ring BACK IN DECEMBER, when we had looked at rings together!
That night, it was fun going to the concert because the realization of our engagement came in waves. I remember one time in particular that made Keith laugh out loud at me. A few of the songs Lady Antebellum sings mention “my wife”…. and when they sang those words, my eyes teared up, and I looked at him and said, “KEITH! I’m going to be your wife!!” He just laughed, and enjoyed my excitement. It was a perfect day!

the gazebos are nice at Red Mile…

Congratulations! August is JUST around the corner…..

Jessica & Kell: Lexington, KY Wedding Photography

May 13, 2010

It was a warm sticky April afternoon. There was a threat of strong storms and sure enough, the skies cracked and poured forth. But not before Jessica made it inside Lexington’s Christ Church Cathedral with her beautiful gown and perfectly curled hair! Thank goodness! Kell met Jessica before the ceremony in the beautiful chapel across from the main sanctuary for a “first look.” So beautiful!

The reception was was help where the relationship all started with a first date, Azur near New Circle. The food was amazing, the couple gorgeous and the cake an artistic wonder.

An artistic marvel from Martine’s

Congratulations Jessica and Kell! This is the beginning of something wonderful….