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More of Chicago: Chicago Landscape Photography

July 31, 2010

Here are more from the Windy City trip.

the locals

State Street at dawn

I'm so addicted to the "blue hour"

Danelle Alexis Photography

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I Survived Running of the Brides-Chicago; Wedding Photographer

July 30, 2010

It all started on July 22.  Ashleigh, the bride, had her brother go downtown and stake out a place in line about 3:30. The doors were going to open at 8:00 am the next morning for Filene’s Basement’s once a year bridal gown sale known as “Running of the Brides.” I came with Ashleigh and 4 other ladies from Lake Bluff about 9:30 pm. A couple more women joined her team before midnight to camp out and wait for the night on State St. It was rough sleeping in a bag camping chair. Just when I’d finally doze off, a siren would go off, someone in a taxi would yell at us driving by or I’d hear the men across the street fixing something drop plywood or a ladder.

5:00 am opening of Starbucks felt like Christmas! I made it a double that morning for sure. As 8:00 am drew closer news crews were flocking in to interview Ashleigh and the other thousands of women lined up to get the deeply discounted designer dresses. Just before 8:00 they allowed the line to come in and snake down to the bottom of the escalator that leads into the store. The had everyone countdown the last 15 seconds outloud. The crowd started slowly shoving forward in eager anticipation to run frantically into the store and grab all the dresses a team could for their bride.

When the rope was dropped, we all ran to grab as many dresses as one could carry. The dresses are just hung on the racks-in no certain order of style, color or size. You just grab what you can and run back to the bride and pile them up. Ashleigh had strategized to have someone guard the pile of dresses that about 12 girls had gathered so no one would steal them. Yes, someone would. There were two-three women helping her try on dresses and sort sizes she needed as quickly as possible. When one wouldn’t work it was handed to someone on the team to “barter” for a dress that might work. You have to have “collateral” to try for other dresses you need to try in order to get our dream dress. Without a dress to try you probably won’t be able to find a dress to try on at all. Women just change in the middle of the store. It feels crazy. But if you want your dream dress at a dream price, you will sacrifice some things. Sanity? Maybe. It’s all an exciting experience. One for the books.

Ashleigh’s certain dress experience didn’t stop when she found her dress. Yes there was fireworks and cheering. Until someone, unaware it was THE DRESS, gave it away thinking it was just another dress they didn’t need. Talk about frantic women!!! Luck would have it the dress was found by a team member and through a tiny word scuffle with another bride, it was recovered! Whew! All things are good again!

Ashleigh's brave campers

doing one of many interviews that morning


and she found it!

Chicago-It’s My Kind of Town

July 28, 2010

Plans don’t always work out. When they get foiled it can seem like the end of the world. I planned on going to Chicago to see a great guy I met. In return for a place to stay while I was there, I was also going to photograph a friend of a friend’s experience of finding a dress in Filene’s Basement’s “Running of the Brides.” Things fell through with the guy at the last minute, taking my plans to square one. With that love lost, I found a different love instead. It’s name is Chicago. I hadn’t planned on loving a city so much. After all-I’m a country girl. Chicago is just…beautiful! The lake, the architecture, the variety of people and culture…I’m smitten. I’ll be back to see my new love.

State St. at dawn

Trump Tower

Thomas: Portrait; Cincinnati, OH Photographer

July 27, 2010

Thomas Deloach: A man that wanted some fresh photographs to represent a “new” image. Nothing like a professionally shot photograph can translate your portrait so sleek, so becoming. He hired me to create a more professional look. Thomas is not just any young professional-he’s also a friend I met while attending church in Cincinnati. We had a great time shooting around his apartment and then went to Hyde Park in Cincinnati. Such a quaint place. He called a friend to come meet us at the end of the session. We all hung out and I couldn’t help but capture all three of us.  I now have a new friend-Redd.

It’s always good to have fun on a photo shoot. Taking images should be a fun experience for all involved!

We ended the shoot with a photo of friends. A new friend, Redd, and myself and Thomas.

April & Joel: Wedding; Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer

July 26, 2010

June 12 April married Joel at Joel’s parents’ house. It had to be the hottest day of the year. If I was hot in my short sleeve blouse and pants I knew April had to be crazy hot in her gorgeous bridal gown. It was so hot, even though Gigi’s decided to wait to frost the cupcakes until the last minute, they still were falling over fro the heat. Nevertheless, the ceremony was beautiful with touches of red and lime. April chose vibrant colors to celebrate her love with Joel. It was a beautiful union-and will be always:)

Congratulations April and Joel! Enjoy your lives together:)

Horse Mania! Lexington, KY Photographer

July 21, 2010

Need something fun to do around Lexington? Horse Mania is back! I found a couple horses at Gratz Park. I’m to photograph all 82…all from different angles. It’s a challenge indeed. I don’t think there is a map of where all of them are. I’m not even sure if 82 is the official number. Doesn’t matter really. Stay tuned. This will be quite the challenge. 🙂

Sarah & Justin: Paris, KY Wedding: Lexington, KY Wedding Photography

July 19, 2010

It was another hot and sticky Saturday at the beginning of June in Paris, KY. The threat of rain was high but the prayers of Sarah and Justin’s families kept the clouds away. The outdoor wedding they had planned looked at though it would go off without a hitch. Sarah wove an outstanding hot pink color throughout her wedding details. It was gorgeous!

No Kentucky hunter would like to be left without the prized head of a jackalope hanging on the wall.

It was sooo windy but Sarah was a great sport! She even got attacked by this willow several times during shooting. She just smiled and laughted it off. She’s so sweet:)

Sarah and her father arrived at the end of the aisle in the awesome vintage Chevy. Super cool; super classic!

Rue the day when little boys learn to love kisses:)

Congratulations Sarah and Justin!


July 18, 2010

I have to be honest. I have another love. The outside. This world includes growing things in my garden. I was getting bored with the traditional things I always planted: zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, sunflowers, etc. This year I wanted different, exciting. PEANUTS! Yes, the real Mr. Planters, growing in my backyard.

I planted the nuts, inside the shell, in peat pots. In a few days they were ready for garden. A couple weeks later the shell started to pop out of the ground. The shell opened and tiny leaves began popping out! Now, as of July 20, I have huge, vining peanut plants. In couple months, I’ll be able to dig up hundreds of pods-and make my own peanut butter!! Oh. yeah.:)

Kentucky Brides; Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photography

July 16, 2010

Kentucky girls make the most beautiful brides!

Alicia & Brady: Lexington, Ketucky Wedding Photography

July 15, 2010

It was Memorial Day weekend. I don’t think it could have been much hotter. It was close to 90 and sooo humid. After Alicia and the girls were dressed we headed to Ashland Park for some beautiful photos. As is tradition, the bride and groom weren’t going to see each other until a determined time in the sanctuary before the ceremony. We had to make sure the girls were in the limo and gone before I could begin taking photos of Brady and his groomsmen.

The bride had to stay in hiding while I took the man photos. 🙂

The reception was at Keeneland and no wedding is compete without a jaunt on the race track:)

This is one of my favorites. I’m a sun flare addict.

At the end of the night, after Brady and Alicia left, I followed them to Triangle Park. The fountains were off to our dismay. So we just turned it around for a grand view of Lexington. Not bad if I do say so myself:)

And so…it starts:)