Sarah & Justin: Paris, KY Wedding: Lexington, KY Wedding Photography

It was another hot and sticky Saturday at the beginning of June in Paris, KY. The threat of rain was high but the prayers of Sarah and Justin’s families kept the clouds away. The outdoor wedding they had planned looked at though it would go off without a hitch. Sarah wove an outstanding hot pink color throughout her wedding details. It was gorgeous!

No Kentucky hunter would like to be left without the prized head of a jackalope hanging on the wall.

It was sooo windy but Sarah was a great sport! She even got attacked by this willow several times during shooting. She just smiled and laughted it off. She’s so sweet:)

Sarah and her father arrived at the end of the aisle in the awesome vintage Chevy. Super cool; super classic!

Rue the day when little boys learn to love kisses:)

Congratulations Sarah and Justin!


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One Response to “Sarah & Justin: Paris, KY Wedding: Lexington, KY Wedding Photography”

  1. jenny Haas Says:

    awesome dani! love the one of the shoes and the guys by the barn especially 🙂

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