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Engagement: Jessica & Kell

April 7, 2010

Jessica and Kell decided to have their two wonderful boys be apart of the engagement photos. After all they are such a huge part of their lives. Jessica’s son is James and Owen is a striking image of his father, Kell.  They were both bundles of energy during our session and there’s no doubt they are both 100% boy. Surrounded by playground equipment and loads of bubbles we all couldn’t help but feel young at heart. I can’t wait until their end-of-April wedding. The boys will be adorable; the bride and groom-stunning:) Love makes a family strong.


Published: Easter Card for St. Vincent Du Paul, Cincinnati

February 27, 2010

I photographed Sarah and Wade’s wedding in December. It just so happened Sarah works for the St. Vincent Du Paul Society in Cincinnati. Every year the organization uses the work from a local photographer for their Christmas and Easter cards. I’m so thankful and excited that Sarah passed my name along because St. Vincent’s decided to use my work! My friend’s little girl Avery was the perfect model for this year’s Easter card.

Thank you Sarah and Wade. Thank you Vincent Du Paul. God works in ways you can never expect. So, hi Cincinnati and happy Easter!