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High Dynamic Church

August 16, 2011

This is St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Louisville, KY. I find that HDR really opens up a space and adds that extra “WOW!” It turns a photo into a piece of fine art.

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It Begins With a Dress

August 15, 2011

I don’t know too many brides who don’t get their dress as the first piece of their wedding. The dress does make the bride after all. The dress is striking…the bride, well, she is breathtaking:)

Deanna & Ben: How They Met and Proposal

October 24, 2010

Deanna’s story on how they met:

Ben and I met at the Wesley Foundation at Eastern Kentucky University. It’s the Methodist campus building on EKU’s campus. There are several campus ministries that meet at that building on different nights. Ben was president of the Wesley Foundation and I was the president of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. We had several mutual friends and one of them asked Ben to play guitar for Chi Alpha’s worship team since our guitar player would be leaving soon. I was going to be joining the band as well as their new piano player. After a girls bible study one night the girls decided to talk about guys that they liked. They caught me off guard and I told them that I liked Ben. Our worship leader, Magen, thought that was soo cute and so we had a “worship practice” with just her, Ben, and me. We didn’t really practice much, but mostly talked. Magen fell asleep and Ben and I talked for several hours. He tried to play some cute love songs on his guitar…but I hadn’t really listened to love songs before him so I didn’t really know what he was playing!!! After we realized that it was getting close to midnight, we decided to leave. One of my friends called me and I left the room and Magen told Ben that she thought that him and I should date and he said that he agreed, hoping that she would tell me about that later. 🙂 My tires had been making a funny noise so Ben walked with me out to my car to look at my tires. My flashlight was in my trunk and when I got it out he saw my dress that I was going to wear to the homecoming dance that Saturday. I told him about it and the fact that I didn’t have a date and that a bunch of us from Chi Alpha was all going together since we all didn’t have dates. Unfortuantely he had to go to his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary that same weekend. So close!
The next day Ben was talking to his mom on the phone and she said that his grandparents didn’t want to have a party like they had all been planning. Ben was sad when he heard this, because he told his mom that he had met a pretty girl that he wanted to ask to the dance. She told him that he needed to ask me soon before I got snatched up by another guy.  So he planned on asking me at the Wesley Foundation’s service and meal that evening.
The Wesley Foundation has a meal prepared by the “older” women from the Methodist church for the college students an hour before service.  My friends and I were sitting on the front porch eating our dinner and Ben walks outside.  He was standing listening to our conversation, and you know that moment when somone breathes in the the middle of a sentence?  Well thats when he decided to blurt, “Deanna will you go with me to the dance?”  I was shocked, because no guy had ever asked me to a dance before and I knew that he had to go to his grandparents anniversary party (which I didn’t know at that moment that it was canceled).  So I sat there for a moment in shock and then finally said, ok.  This felt like 10 minutes to Ben haha.  My friends were sitting around in total shock because they had never seen us hang out, and then Ben said, ok, and quickly went back inside.
Also that night, Ben told me that the next day some friends and him was going to a Jeremy Camp concert and that one of the girls had dropped out of going so there was an empty seat if I wanted to come along.  I said sure, even though at that time I didn’t really know who Jeremy Camp was.  I knew he was a Christian artist and that my friends listened to him all the time.  At that time I hadn’t really listed to much contemporary christian music.  When we got to the concert, people was giving out extra tickets that their youth groups didn’t need.  So our three other friends got tickets in the balcony together.  Ben’s friend gave him a ticket for the second row center seat.  Ben said that he didn’t want it because he wanted to be able to sit next to me and this guy was listening and said what seat do you have?  He had an extra one for the seat next to that one!  So my first concert ever was free and it was second row center, right in front of Jeremy Camp.  Awesome first date!  🙂
Ben and I went to the homecoming dance.  It was awesome.  Afterwards, Ben asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend.  We had been praying to see if God wanted us to date and we both felt the same way, that he wanted us to date.

The Proposal:

This past spring was 4 1/2 years that Ben and I had been dating.  We knew that we would be dating for awhile because we wanted to graduate and be done with school for awhile before we got married.  Ben had been thinking about this and decided that it was time for him to ask me.  He decided to ask me while on his family vacation to Myrtle Beach.  His family goes every year during the summer and since we have been dating they have invited me to go with them every year. Ben told his family about it and went and bought a ring.  He was so afraid that his family was going to give it away because they would talk about it when I was asleep and other times when I might have heard.  I didn’t hear anything though.
Ben told me that we was going to go out on a date and to bring a pretty dress.  So that morning his aunt and mother took me out to get my nails done.  His aunt said that she needed to get her nails done and she was going to bring us along.  It was a lot of fun!  Then Ben and I got ready and I found out that he was taking me to Medieval Times!  I have always wanted to go there!  I love anything from the Medieval Time period!  I even have a sword hanging on my wall!  If you have never been you should definatly go, it was awesome!  When we left I told Ben that that was probably one of the best dates ever.  He laughed and said that it wasn’t over yet.  He said that he had one more surprise left.  He drove me down by the beach and we walked a little ways down the beach.  In the trunk he had a bag packed with a blanket.  He put the blanket down and handed me a photo album.  It was a collection of pictures from when we first started dating.  He even wrote a poem about them beside the pictures.  The last page said, “I have one last question to ask you…” then I turned the page and it was a picture of a ring and it said “Will you marry me?”  And I was like….what?  So I turned to him confused because he had been telling me that it wouldn’t be for awhile.  And he was on one knee with the ring in his hand.  I was so shocked (again, notice a pattern?).  I ended up saying “sure.”  haha  Then I sat there for about an hour!  Just amazed that it was actually happening!  Then I turned to him and said really loud, “We’re engaged!!!!”  There were some boys down the beach playing and they set off fireworks right after I said that.  It was really neat how that happened at that moment. So we sat watching the ocean and the fireworks.  We decided the theme to our wedding should be “Happily Ever After.”
When I got home, my friend told me that she was going to The Jackie Allen bridal show the next day in Lexington.  She told me I should go, so I went with her.  It was great getting to see the vendors and to get lots of ideas.  We had to fill out a card and visit so many vendors so that we could win a grand prize.  I really didn’t know what they were.  There were so many brides there that I really didn’t think that I would win anyway.  The first three grand prizes were gave away but they had a fourth!  I listened to it and it sounded really neat, then she said my name!  I threw my stuff down and ran up.  Realizing I wasn’t on the Price is Right, I then walked the rest of the way!  haha  I had won a free night at the Castle Post in Versailles!  It included dinner the night we arrive and breakfast the next day.  It was too fantastic!  It was crazy at how God was putting these “castle” themed items together!  🙂

You Unplugged

October 12, 2010

Fast. Too fast. Busy. Always busy. Can’t get it quick enough, can’t get there fast enough, can’t fill our schedule full enough… In a world where having the next best thing and busy-ness are status symbols I think we’ve forgotten the gem called “simplicity.” If you can just sit and be still, you’d be surprised at what you can hear; what you can feel. Slow down. Hug someone, mail some snail mail, make an album from that stack of photographs, have a cup of coffee, pick up that old guitar, take a walk in the leaves…and listen…

To See a Beautiful Woman: Cincinnati Portrait

October 11, 2010

Women: we are so delicate, so lovely. We were made to be admired; made to want to be admired. No, we are not sexual objects but artwork worthy of being respected and cherished. This gorgeous young woman is a professional from Cincinnati. “Redd” knows how to carry herself with confidence and poise and it’s only fitting that photographs should reflect her personality. We had such a fine time taking portraits. She was so much fun, willing to hunker down in the tall grass for some great backgrounds. Thanks for a fun shoot Redd! Stay fabulous:)

Danelle Alexis Photography

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Self-Portrait Worth a Thousand Words

August 31, 2010

I have so many other projects I’m working on but sometimes I stop and take time for me. You know-time to be an artist, time to…be. In this world it’s hard to feel beautiful when you’re a woman. The standard seems impossible to attain, especially if you’re a perfectionist like me. I have to remind myself that I too am beautiful even through my flaws. I am a fan of the self-portrait. A good self-portrait, whether metaphorical or carbon image, can tell you a lot about yourself. So today, I am posting my self-portrait. This is fresh from this afternoon. Drink up and enjoy:) Wouldn’t you love a lovely portrait of yourself too?

Horse Mania Challenge: Lexington, KY Photography

August 2, 2010

I really did try…HARD. I wanted to get so many more horses on camera. The rain, however, had other plans. It’s a no go on getting the photo gear out in the rain. I got a few shots in between sprinkles. Photographing all 82-it’s kinda like how the west was won. Little by little:)

Desert Dream

Danelle Alexis Photography

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More of Chicago: Chicago Landscape Photography

July 31, 2010

Here are more from the Windy City trip.

the locals

State Street at dawn

I'm so addicted to the "blue hour"

Danelle Alexis Photography

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I Survived Running of the Brides-Chicago; Wedding Photographer

July 30, 2010

It all started on July 22.  Ashleigh, the bride, had her brother go downtown and stake out a place in line about 3:30. The doors were going to open at 8:00 am the next morning for Filene’s Basement’s once a year bridal gown sale known as “Running of the Brides.” I came with Ashleigh and 4 other ladies from Lake Bluff about 9:30 pm. A couple more women joined her team before midnight to camp out and wait for the night on State St. It was rough sleeping in a bag camping chair. Just when I’d finally doze off, a siren would go off, someone in a taxi would yell at us driving by or I’d hear the men across the street fixing something drop plywood or a ladder.

5:00 am opening of Starbucks felt like Christmas! I made it a double that morning for sure. As 8:00 am drew closer news crews were flocking in to interview Ashleigh and the other thousands of women lined up to get the deeply discounted designer dresses. Just before 8:00 they allowed the line to come in and snake down to the bottom of the escalator that leads into the store. The had everyone countdown the last 15 seconds outloud. The crowd started slowly shoving forward in eager anticipation to run frantically into the store and grab all the dresses a team could for their bride.

When the rope was dropped, we all ran to grab as many dresses as one could carry. The dresses are just hung on the racks-in no certain order of style, color or size. You just grab what you can and run back to the bride and pile them up. Ashleigh had strategized to have someone guard the pile of dresses that about 12 girls had gathered so no one would steal them. Yes, someone would. There were two-three women helping her try on dresses and sort sizes she needed as quickly as possible. When one wouldn’t work it was handed to someone on the team to “barter” for a dress that might work. You have to have “collateral” to try for other dresses you need to try in order to get our dream dress. Without a dress to try you probably won’t be able to find a dress to try on at all. Women just change in the middle of the store. It feels crazy. But if you want your dream dress at a dream price, you will sacrifice some things. Sanity? Maybe. It’s all an exciting experience. One for the books.

Ashleigh’s certain dress experience didn’t stop when she found her dress. Yes there was fireworks and cheering. Until someone, unaware it was THE DRESS, gave it away thinking it was just another dress they didn’t need. Talk about frantic women!!! Luck would have it the dress was found by a team member and through a tiny word scuffle with another bride, it was recovered! Whew! All things are good again!

Ashleigh's brave campers

doing one of many interviews that morning


and she found it!

Chicago-It’s My Kind of Town

July 28, 2010

Plans don’t always work out. When they get foiled it can seem like the end of the world. I planned on going to Chicago to see a great guy I met. In return for a place to stay while I was there, I was also going to photograph a friend of a friend’s experience of finding a dress in Filene’s Basement’s “Running of the Brides.” Things fell through with the guy at the last minute, taking my plans to square one. With that love lost, I found a different love instead. It’s name is Chicago. I hadn’t planned on loving a city so much. After all-I’m a country girl. Chicago is just…beautiful! The lake, the architecture, the variety of people and culture…I’m smitten. I’ll be back to see my new love.

State St. at dawn

Trump Tower