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Wedding: Jenn & Jason; Lexington, KY Wedding Photographyu

January 16, 2011

I know I’m a little behind on blogging. This is Jenn and Jason’s November wedding. Yes, November <blushin.> It was a beautiful fall day and thinking about the weather and sunshine of the day gives me a smile. I guess I should blame the procrastination on the…holidays??? Jenn’s sweet smile is too darling to stay on my hard drive forever; their love to sweet. So, here are the photographs from Jenn and Jason’s wedding celebration!

Wedding: First United Methodist, Lexington

Reception: Holiday Inn, Newtown Pike

Cake: The Sugar Forest

Santuary at First UMC, Lexington. This photo I processed in HDR. I don't process many images in HDR but this one was perfect for it.

Jenn's mom is all smiles

Jenn is quite the pianist. She played a little tune while waiting for the ceremony to start. She looked so lovely I couldn't help but snap a shot from the back.


Jenn caught a last laugh with her dad before he walked her down the aisle.


Father/ daughter dance is still one of the most emotional moments of the day


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Wedding: Tembre & Michael: Part 2: Louisville Wedding Photography

December 30, 2010

The Father of the Bride giving his animated speech

Here’s the second part of Tembre and Michael’s wedding day celebration!

Father of the groom toasting to the couple


yes! garter toss!



What a grand day! Thanks again!


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Holly: Cincinnati Senior Photos

October 21, 2010

Holly’s senior photo shoot: We were on top of the world! Well…kind of:) Eden Park in Cincinnati has a view that overlooks Covington/ Newport and the Ohio River. It’s just breathtaking there in fall. Oranges, reds, yellows woven throughout the rolling hills. It’s a grand park with plenty of walking/ running trails. The best part-right next to the Cincinnati Art Museum! I lose hours in there.

I was so excited when Holly’s mom contacted me for her photos and suggested the park. Last October I was at that same park taking engagement photos for her sister and brother-in-law! How blessed am I to stay in the family?:) I immediately went to work getting her to feel comfortable with me and the camera by asking her to wade into some large foxy-tailed plants. Surly her giggles were questioning the validity of my credentials…lol. Needless to say we had a fabulous time in the 75-ish degree October weather. Holly’s bright, beautiful eyes and gorgeous hair made nearly every frame irresistible. She was such a good sport as I coached her on how to twirl the umbrella and dance around. It might feel unnatural but it looks great in print!

Holly you are breath-taking! College will be a blast. Enjoy your senior year!

















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You Unplugged

October 12, 2010

Fast. Too fast. Busy. Always busy. Can’t get it quick enough, can’t get there fast enough, can’t fill our schedule full enough… In a world where having the next best thing and busy-ness are status symbols I think we’ve forgotten the gem called “simplicity.” If you can just sit and be still, you’d be surprised at what you can hear; what you can feel. Slow down. Hug someone, mail some snail mail, make an album from that stack of photographs, have a cup of coffee, pick up that old guitar, take a walk in the leaves…and listen…

To See a Beautiful Woman: Cincinnati Portrait

October 11, 2010

Women: we are so delicate, so lovely. We were made to be admired; made to want to be admired. No, we are not sexual objects but artwork worthy of being respected and cherished. This gorgeous young woman is a professional from Cincinnati. “Redd” knows how to carry herself with confidence and poise and it’s only fitting that photographs should reflect her personality. We had such a fine time taking portraits. She was so much fun, willing to hunker down in the tall grass for some great backgrounds. Thanks for a fun shoot Redd! Stay fabulous:)

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Scavenger Hunting for a $15,000 Ring

September 20, 2010

The last scavenger hunt I went on was at church camp several years ago. The winning booty: a box of lime and cherry popsicles. The scavenger hunt I helped sponsor yesterday had a prize worth a bit more than a freezy pop. Couples (engaged, married, dating) raced around downtown Lexington to win a $15,000 diamond engagement ring! Shelia Bayes Fine Jewelers located in the shops at the Lexington Center sponsored the Race for the Rock. Several local wedding vendors were present to show their support and sponsor the teams as they had two hours to find 46 clues, hidden in a 1-2 mile radius of Triangle Park. No motorized transportation was allowed. Bicycles, scooters and runners/ walkers in light blue shirts blanketed Lexington amid the 90 degree heat. You can check out the official site to see the winners and some of the action! Stay tuned to enter for the event next year!

All the Players

searching for clues

Gigi's Cupcakes icing tasting challenge

Arthur Murray's dance challenge clue

finding a clue at the fabulous Sky Bar at the pavillion

Searching through Tops in Lex for a clue

counting the flowers on the cake at Tinker's for a clue

checking for text clues

clues at SImply Love Studio

browsing a Kentucky Bride magazine for a clue

lovely ice sculptures from Four Seasons Catering

beat after a long race

the winners!!!

Congratulations and thanks to all who came out and played!!!!!!!

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Self-Portrait Worth a Thousand Words

August 31, 2010

I have so many other projects I’m working on but sometimes I stop and take time for me. You know-time to be an artist, time to…be. In this world it’s hard to feel beautiful when you’re a woman. The standard seems impossible to attain, especially if you’re a perfectionist like me. I have to remind myself that I too am beautiful even through my flaws. I am a fan of the self-portrait. A good self-portrait, whether metaphorical or carbon image, can tell you a lot about yourself. So today, I am posting my self-portrait. This is fresh from this afternoon. Drink up and enjoy:) Wouldn’t you love a lovely portrait of yourself too?

CD Release for Chris Weiss: Lexington, KY Photographer

August 4, 2010

Chris Weiss a very talented local guitarist/ songwriter asked me to take photographs fro his latest CD, “Reflections.” After months in the making, the CD, along with its fabulous cover art, has been released. He had a release party last Saturday night. I meant to go for more than the last 10 minutes to get photographs. I also have to admit my new hidden passion for the Wii game “Just Dance.” Due to some intense competition, I was only able to make it to the last 10 minutes of the show. It’s alright. That’s all I needed to get some great parting shots.

The CD is wonderful. I listen to “Reflections” while I work at my Mac. It’s so smooth, very woodsy. I like that:)

Check out where you can hear Chris by browsing his website:


More of Chicago: Chicago Landscape Photography

July 31, 2010

Here are more from the Windy City trip.

the locals

State Street at dawn

I'm so addicted to the "blue hour"

Danelle Alexis Photography

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Chicago-It’s My Kind of Town

July 28, 2010

Plans don’t always work out. When they get foiled it can seem like the end of the world. I planned on going to Chicago to see a great guy I met. In return for a place to stay while I was there, I was also going to photograph a friend of a friend’s experience of finding a dress in Filene’s Basement’s “Running of the Brides.” Things fell through with the guy at the last minute, taking my plans to square one. With that love lost, I found a different love instead. It’s name is Chicago. I hadn’t planned on loving a city so much. After all-I’m a country girl. Chicago is just…beautiful! The lake, the architecture, the variety of people and culture…I’m smitten. I’ll be back to see my new love.

State St. at dawn

Trump Tower