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Stacey & Kent: Lexington, KY Engagement Photography

August 23, 2011

I’ve known Kent for a couple years now. The first bridal show I had a booth at happened to be his first as well. He’s a talented fellow photographer here in Lexington. His company is Ashley Portraits. How could I be more honored and humbled that he’d ask me to photograph his wedding day? Not only is he good at what he does but he’s a genuinely nice guy. It’s no wonder Stacey, sweet and cute, should fit him so well. I’m eager to spend time with them and see them pledge their lives and love to each other during their wedding celebration. September is awfully soon:)

I asked Stacey and Kent to share about how themselves, how they met/ and or how he proposed. This is what Stacey said:

God-centered, love, laughter, sarcasm, fun, spontaneous, unexpected, sweet … these are all words that come to mind when Kent and I try to describe our relationship.  Kent initially had to put forth some effort to get my attention, but did so in his own, outgoing way.  He had noticed me from a distance at church and was curious about me, so he and a mutual friend planned a New Year’s get together for a group of friends.  He made sure I was invited.  😉  He ended up coming over that night to help me work on a puzzle. (What I didn’t know at the time was that he HATES puzzles!)  We proceeded to text much of the next day.  I realized that evening that Culver’s™s had my favorite flavor of the day so I decided to stop by there on my way home that night.  He  informed me that ice cream is always better with good company so he invited himself!  That turned out to be our first date, and  we hit it off quickly.  I found out later that he was afraid I wouldn’t say anything because I was quiet in group settings we had previously been in, but he was pleasantly surprised to learn the opposite was true!  We have been falling in love more every day since!  We are so blessed to have such a great friendship and faith as the basis of our romance!


Holly: Cincinnati Senior Photos

October 21, 2010

Holly’s senior photo shoot: We were on top of the world! Well…kind of:) Eden Park in Cincinnati has a view that overlooks Covington/ Newport and the Ohio River. It’s just breathtaking there in fall. Oranges, reds, yellows woven throughout the rolling hills. It’s a grand park with plenty of walking/ running trails. The best part-right next to the Cincinnati Art Museum! I lose hours in there.

I was so excited when Holly’s mom contacted me for her photos and suggested the park. Last October I was at that same park taking engagement photos for her sister and brother-in-law! How blessed am I to stay in the family?:) I immediately went to work getting her to feel comfortable with me and the camera by asking her to wade into some large foxy-tailed plants. Surly her giggles were questioning the validity of my credentials…lol. Needless to say we had a fabulous time in the 75-ish degree October weather. Holly’s bright, beautiful eyes and gorgeous hair made nearly every frame irresistible. She was such a good sport as I coached her on how to twirl the umbrella and dance around. It might feel unnatural but it looks great in print!

Holly you are breath-taking! College will be a blast. Enjoy your senior year!

















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To See a Beautiful Woman: Cincinnati Portrait

October 11, 2010

Women: we are so delicate, so lovely. We were made to be admired; made to want to be admired. No, we are not sexual objects but artwork worthy of being respected and cherished. This gorgeous young woman is a professional from Cincinnati. “Redd” knows how to carry herself with confidence and poise and it’s only fitting that photographs should reflect her personality. We had such a fine time taking portraits. She was so much fun, willing to hunker down in the tall grass for some great backgrounds. Thanks for a fun shoot Redd! Stay fabulous:)

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Telling Stories in a Single Frame- John, Senior Portraits:Lexington, KY Senior Photographs

September 4, 2010

For 13 years you live a scholastic life that’s much the same. The curriculum changes, the rooms,  and maybe the faces. But every evening after school you eventually make it home to the house you grew up in; the house with your brother or sister and parents. But there comes a time when things change. Decisions about career and life really start to matter. They finally become your responsibility to make. The consequences become yours to own. Many like to call this time “graduation” or the “senior year.” A young person, newly minted ‘adult,’ steps into a world to make a way for themselves. Whether to college, a job or trade school-it’s a new way.

John is a senior at West Jessamine. He was so fun to work with. Up for any adventure or kind of shot I wanted to try. And what photographer wouldn’t be dazzled by those big blue eyes. Great eyes= great photos. Thanks for a great shoot John. I can’t wait to do your second one!

Self-Portrait Worth a Thousand Words

August 31, 2010

I have so many other projects I’m working on but sometimes I stop and take time for me. You know-time to be an artist, time to…be. In this world it’s hard to feel beautiful when you’re a woman. The standard seems impossible to attain, especially if you’re a perfectionist like me. I have to remind myself that I too am beautiful even through my flaws. I am a fan of the self-portrait. A good self-portrait, whether metaphorical or carbon image, can tell you a lot about yourself. So today, I am posting my self-portrait. This is fresh from this afternoon. Drink up and enjoy:) Wouldn’t you love a lovely portrait of yourself too?

Asha & Brad: Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer

August 17, 2010

Asha is from Kansas. She’ll admit, there’s no place like home when it comes to Kansas. That was until she met Brad. Now there’s no place like home if Brad isn’t there with her. It was meant to be. She’s a sweet, caring nurse and Brad is going through med school. God really does bring people together.

They got married in July at Asbury Seminary’s chapel, Estes. Thank God for air conditioning! It was so hot and humid outside it felt like we were swimming in air. Summer’s heat is just not conducive to layers of satin and lace…or any other material really. A beautiful ceremony was followed by a lovely red and black reception at the Seminary’s banquet area. Congratulations on your new journey together!

Thomas: Portrait; Cincinnati, OH Photographer

July 27, 2010

Thomas Deloach: A man that wanted some fresh photographs to represent a “new” image. Nothing like a professionally shot photograph can translate your portrait so sleek, so becoming. He hired me to create a more professional look. Thomas is not just any young professional-he’s also a friend I met while attending church in Cincinnati. We had a great time shooting around his apartment and then went to Hyde Park in Cincinnati. Such a quaint place. He called a friend to come meet us at the end of the session. We all hung out and I couldn’t help but capture all three of us.  I now have a new friend-Redd.

It’s always good to have fun on a photo shoot. Taking images should be a fun experience for all involved!

We ended the shoot with a photo of friends. A new friend, Redd, and myself and Thomas.