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Holly & Chris: Louisville Engagement Photography

September 4, 2011


When I met Holly she was beaming with excitement. It was more joy really because she had found Chris. The way she talked about him was so level headed but with a passionate love all at the same time. She told me how they met at work and slowly got to know each other. Once sparks flew, she was taken with his children as well. Her marriage to Chris will be like second nature. Their engagement session was quite the adventure! We ended the session at an older railroad bridge. Holly climbed onto one of the metal sections in heels for a photo! I would have at least gone barefoot. Brave girl. Both her and Chris were such troopers as we footed our way down the embankment to dry area of the creek bed. If your engagement was this fun, I can’t wait until your wedding celebration

I asked Holly to write some words on how she met Chris:

Chris and I met at our workplace, Norton Hospital, down in surgery.  I didn’t really know many people when I started there except for a couple.  I met Chris quickly after being hired because he was one of the assistant nurse managers.  We spoke here and there about work stuff and how the job was going for me, but that was about it.  I do remember sitting in the office working on computer stuff one day and he kept throwing little paper balls at me, although he doesn’t remember doing that 🙂  We became friends on facebook a couple of weeks later, and began emailing back and forth talking about our lives outside of work.  A few weeks later, Chris asked me out on our first date on none other than Valentines Day!  I gave him grief about the day he picked, but he picked me up and we had our first date at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse on the river 🙂  I wasn’t too sure how it would all work out, and told him I didn’t think we should date because of the management and staff dating rules at work.  I was new to the job, and didn’t want anything to interfere with work, so I told him politely that I didn’t think it would work out.  Well, he was persistent, and now look where we are!

Chris’s daughter, Kelsey, plays on a competitive travel volleyball club.  Each time we were out of town, he always had the nice chair to sit in that reclined back, and I was stuck with a not-so-nice one.  I always told him for valentines day that he could just get me a chair and he could throw in an Arby’s Chocolate turnover too.  Well, our one year anniversary and valentines day fell within 2 days of each other.  I came home from shopping on our anniversary (Feb 12, 2011) and on the counter was an Arby’s bag with a card.  I laughed, and walked past it to take the dog out.  When I came back it, the Arby’s bag was replaced with a bag from Genesis Diamonds.  I just stood there, not sure what to think.  I walked into the living room where he was sitting and just looked at him in shock.  After saying “Is this what I think it is?” about a hundred times, he took the bag from me, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.  I of course said yes, teared up, and gave him the biggest hug ever.  He then mentioned to me that the chair was on backorder 🙂

That’s our story.  We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!!

Holly dared to climb this trussel in heels! Mad props to her!


It Begins With a Dress

August 15, 2011

I don’t know too many brides who don’t get their dress as the first piece of their wedding. The dress does make the bride after all. The dress is striking…the bride, well, she is breathtaking:)

I Did Some Intense Training: Cliff Mautner’s Lighting and Skillset Bootcamp

August 13, 2011

I thought I knew what good photography was: even light, smooth skin…then about 3 years ago I happened upon an article in Shutterbug Magazine about one of the world’s top wedding photographers. I didn’t care to read about him because I couldn’t get past the photographs he had taken. They were different; made my eyes “think” and I couldn’t stop staring. His photographs made me…feel. I still have that magazine article today and keep it to be inspired. The man behind the lens was Cliff Mauntner. His work reminds me of the old movies and the Italian painter Caravaggio.

I wanted to create images that lasted, that were like his, that were…different. He offers a three day intensive workshop, Lighting and Skillset Bootcamp. I knew I had to go. In a world saturated with “wedding photographers” with the same style, the same poses I wanted to stand out. A wedding is a powerful event in a person’s life and should be remembered that way. Cliff reminded us that all the wedding magazines are leading us astray with the photos of details and such. Photography is about capturing moments. Special, one-of a kind pieces of history we can never get back but only cherish in a print.

There were 19 of us so teaching was really personal and we all became close. From 9am- about 10pm we learned about technical and artistic skill and business. Cliff was so helpful and open about anything we wanted to know. One afternoon we worked on outdoor shooting, the next was indoors with off camera flash- both in Philedelphia. He’d hired real models to make working and learning that much better. And not to be unsung, breakfast and lunch were provided each day and those had to be the BEST chocolate chip pancakes ever!

Below are some images from my time at the bootcamp. I can’t wait to put these skills into practice in my work.

Dining With the Fishes

June 9, 2011

Wouldn’t you like to be invited to a party here?! This is the banquet room at the Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY. It’s across the Ohio River from Cincinnati and has a beautiful Queen City skyline to view through floor to ceiling windows. There’s a great patio area to catch a breath of fresh air if the weather’s nice and the aquarium is open just for guests! Who wouldn’t want to use this venue?

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Emily & Brandon: Lexington, Kentucky Engagement Photography

June 8, 2011

Emily and Brandon are one of those couples that are best friends. They are two of the nicest, easy going people I’ve met. Emily’s cute southern accent exudes southern charm;) I love it. I had the most pleasant evening shooting with them. I can’t wait for their “green” wedding at the Carrick House in July.

Here’s Emily’s story on how they met and how Brandon proposed:

Brandon and I meet in January 2006.  We were hired at a law firm on the same day as Runners for the firm.  I was a senior at Georgetown and Brandon was a senior at UK.  As soon as Brandon and I began working together, I knew I was going to marry him.   After the law firm closed each day, we would have races around the law firm picking up the shredding for the day.  Brandon would go one way around the office and I would go the opposite way.  Each day I beat him, even though he will never admit that.  I thought if we have this much fun picking up shreddings each day, then I want to spend more time with him.

In May 2006, my best friend was getting married.   For her bachelorette party, we spent a weekend in Hilton Head.  As my friends and I were walking on the beach one day we were each talking about who we were going to marry.  I told my friends that I was going to marry Brandon Green.  At the time, it was very far-fetched.  Brandon and I weren’t even dating and I wasn’t sure at that time if Brandon was even interested, yet in my mind we were meant to be together forever.  My friends thought I was crazy.

In August 2006, right before I started my first year of teaching, he asked me out on a date.  He treated me to a delicious dinner, was a complete gentleman the entire night and I knew he was the man I was going to marry. After a few more dates we made our relationship official.

In July 2010, my mother sent Brandon and I to Hilton Head (for what I thought was a celebration for me finishing my Master’s Degree).

As soon as Brandon and I got to Hilton Head, we headed to the beach to watch the sunset.   As we were walking, on the very same beach where I had pronounced I would marry him (when I barely knew him) he pulled me away from the ocean, got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

On July 2nd, 2011 we will be getting married! 🙂


Natalie & Kike: Lexington Engagement Photography

May 18, 2011

Their engagement session got rained out twice! But of course, the third time was a charm. I met Natalie and Kike on a warm evening a couple weeks ago. Everything was lush and green. We met on a scenic road out in the Kentucky countryside. They wanted a railroad in some of the shots and some things very “Kentucky” as most Kentuckians do I find:) I found Natalie and Kike to be a beautiful couple inside and out. They have such a sweet and gentle love for each other but at the same time I tell they are best friends. September will be here before you know it! Congratulations!

I asked Natalie to write a few words on how she met Kike:

We met at Bryan Station Middle School… I was doing my student teaching and he was teaching Spanish.  We were introduced through a friend of mine I went to high-school with (she had a kid at the school).  We went on our first-date and were pretty much insepearable after that.  He proposed after a night out to dinner… he stopped by to “see his sister” when he really went to talk to my parents.  He came in with my favorite roses… as I bent down to get a vase I was going to ask what the special occassion was and I turn around and he’s on one knee!  I was so surprised! (I hope this helps or was what you had in mind!)

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Annie-Beth & Joe

April 26, 2011

Annie-Beth is incredible. With Joe- she’s magnificent:) Annie-Beth called me last spring and told me she really liked my style because it was so artistic. She went on to explain how she loves art. I felt so honored to be worthy to be called an artist:) Annie-Beth and her mom were both so sweet as they explained what her wedding was going to be like. Cincinnati is where Joe and Annie-Beth are getting married because they love the city that much. The best part: the reception is at the Newport Aquarium!! I can’t wait to see the “opening day” of their marriage together. I can’t believe it’s almost here!! The end of May will be here before you know it.

I had Anni-Beth write a few words on how they met and how Joe proposed.

How we met:

After finishing my first year as an undergrad, I decided to stay in Lexington during the summer.  I found a job working at a retail store in the mall.  Joe, having worked at a local high school, also needed a summer job and took a position doing stock at the same retailer.  He tried to get me to hang out with him and his friends several times, but each time I had something else going on.  Eventually Joe got tired of trying and gave me his number.  A few weeks later, I called him and we had our first date.  Now here we are almost six years later.
Our proposal:

In August of 2008, I decided to go to grad school in Rhode Island starting the following spring semester.  We both knew we had something special, and neither one of us had any doubt that we would not stay together for the two-plus years we would be apart.  On Christmas of 2008, my parents invited Joe’s parents to our house to spend Christmas with us.  The only thing out of the ordinary was the fact that they were coming; Joe always came to my house on Christmas day.  The last gift I opened was an empty box; the next thing I knew Joe was down on one knee asking me to marry him.  Of course I said yes.

Morgan & Tyler: Louisville Engagement Photography

March 30, 2011


Being from Louisville is was only right we take Morgan and Tyler’s engagement photos in that city. Morgan suggested Locust Grove, a hstoric plantation. Not only was it beautiful it was one of the very placed Louis and Clark celebrated the return from their trip to the Pacific!But on this chilly morning, the grounds served as a beautiful country backdrop. Morgan’s red hair glistened in the morning sun. Tyler did a great job at looking manly- as all good fiances should:) AUgust will be here before you know it and I can’t wait to photograph your wedding!! Congratulations!

Morgan’s story on how she and Tyler met:

We were classmates for quite some time before we started dating.  It was the winter break of 2009 when Tyler made his first move.  Tyler started messaging me on Facebook.  I always thought he was a nice guy, but he sat on the other side of the room in class, so we never really talked all that much.  Several facebook chats led to him getting my phone number, thus leading to the consistent nightly phone calls.  Tyler finally got the nerve to ask me on a date on MLK weekend.  He had asked me to go to a concert with him at the KY Center for the Arts.  It was the best, most perfect first date I had been on….and then you could just say the rest is history!

Kelsey & Tyler: Engagement Photographs: Danville, KY

March 14, 2011

I had photographed a wedding in Versailles over a year ago for a beautiful young couple- Samantha “Sam” and Aaron. Kelsey happened to be friends with Sam but couldn’t make it to her wedding. Now that Kelsey is getting married, our paths have crossed! Kelsey found me through Sam, of course. Many thanks to my former clients for referring me. It’s so much fun to photograph in circles:)

Kelsey and Tyler are planning a wonderful Sunday afternoon August wedding. Her colors are yellow and gray so Kelsey decided to bring flowers to incorporate into her and Tyler’s engagement photographs. We met in Danville for the shoot- it was somewhat halfway between us. Neither one of us were too familiar with Danville so we decided to start at Center College. What a cool town! It’s too bad we didnt’ have hours and hours of time. There are a lot of interesting backgrounds! It was a lovely- and chilly- evening of fun and photographs!

I asked Kelsey for a few words on how she and Tyler met and how he proposed:

The second semester of my freshman year of college I was in the cafeteria for lunch and I saw Tyler for the first time and couldn’t get over how cute I thought he was; I told my girlfriends at lunch that day that I was going to date that guy…..they of course didn’t take me seriously. Two days later I met him on the track while he was doing conditioning for basketball and I was jogging.  From the minute we met I knew there was more to him than good looks and we coincidentally ended up sitting next to each other at dinner that night and afterwards we stood outside talking for hours. The rest is history, we just instantly connected and knew we had both found someone really special and we didn’t want to live our lives without one another.
I’ll admit our engagement is definitely not a story book proposal……Tyler had my engagement ring custom made and with that came some set backs so his big proposal plan in the mountains of Gatlinburg didn’t happen (we went to Gatlinburg but the ring wasn’t done). Tyler finally got the ring the morning we were set to leave for Georgia to celebrate Christmas with his family.  Tyler really wanted to propose while we were in Georgia so his grandma could see the ring because he had my ring made out of his grandma and grandpa’s wedding set’s so it was important to him that his grandma get to see the ring that her wedding band had created.  This left Tyler with no time to plan a proposal so he was scrambling for ideas….Tyler asked me to multiple times to go to these different places (with the intent of proposing) but I never wanted to (obviously I didn’t know he wanted to propose!).  Finally he just realized he had to propose because as he put it “this ring is burning a hole in my pocket”.  So at his grandma’s house in Atlanta, Georgia he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him; although I will admit I was in such shock because of the spontaneity of the proposal that I really don’t remember most of the proposal although I do know I said “yes!”.


Life is sweet!

March 6, 2011

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